“Why do people begin the swinging lifestyle?  What exactly is a swinger anyway?”

All of those questions are easy to answer, and some have double meanings.  A swingers lifestyle are couple based live adult cam lifestyles where people, be it couples, groups, and the like engage in sex and sexual activities.  Traditionally swingers are best known as a party activity where two or more couples of married people are free to swap partners for sex in a amateur group or parties.  It began in the UK and later became known worldwide.  Many of you will remember the idea of swingers originating in the UK from the Austin Powers movies and live sex chat.

Some people see swinger lifestyles as the best means to add variety to an otherwise stagnant relationship.  Swingers come from all walks of life, be it rich or poor, and of all sexual orientations and levels of education.  Many people see this type of free sex as a degenerate party lifestyle leading to the breakdown of society and the spread of STDs.  While it is easy to agree with this stance on the surface, it can just as easily be argued to the opposite, in that responsible swinging increases marital fidelity with a greater degree of safety.  After all, both husband and wife know what hot live webcam girls the other is sleeping with, rather than in cheating blindly, where it is a secret.  If everything is free and open this way and both parties are consenting, at least there is no fear or question for the individual as to where the better half is spending his or her nights.  It may also be argued that swingers have a greater sense of understanding, security, and self-esteem in their marriage.  Their point is that if they are free to live as swingers and still be married, then live sex chat is NOT the foundation of their marriage.  How?  If sex is less important and viewed as a recreational and semi public activity, issues of home and family must therefore be the foundation for marriage.  It could be argued that swinging can be viewed as something that increases the concept of society!

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